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Dear friend,

Welcome to Most Blessed Sacrament Parish in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. As one of many Catholic parishes in the Church of Green Bay, I believe the following words illustrate our identity as a worshipping community in Oshkosh:

"Inspired by the Word of God and nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, we are called to be HIS church through our daily living at home, work, school and play."

It is my hope you will find us to be a community of joy-filled Christians committed to living out our mission in the world.

Pope Francis has given us reason to be hopeful about the future of the Church. Francis gives us the heart of what it means to be God’s people:

I would like to say to whoever feels far from God and from the church, to whoever is timorous or indifferent, to whoever thinks they are no longer able to change: The Lord also calls you to be part of his people and he does so with great respect and love.”

Father Jim

I prayerfully hope you will find Most Blessed Sacrament Parish to be a place of God’s mercy and love, where all are welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged. No matter who you are, strong or weak of faith, rich, poor,confused, sinners and saints – you are all welcome.

Please join us in the great adventure of discovering God’s plan for our life here on earth and the life that awaits us in heaven.

God bless,

Fr. Jim, Pastor

Passion Play 2016

Last Super
This Lent. don't simply pray about the Passion of Jesus, live in it.  Therese Burazin, our Passion Play Director, is inviting you to pray the Passion in your life by being in the 4th  Annual MBS Passion Play.  There is a place for everyone.  Most roles do not have to memorize lines, people "freeze" in various scenes while scripture or song is testifying to what is happening.  People who have participated in the play before have found it to become a very moving encounter with the crucified Christ.  Perhaps this should be your Lenten resolution for this year - to live in the Passion of Jesus.

Therese runs very efficient rehearsals on each of the Monday evening of Lent, beginning this Monday evening, February 15th.,  beginning at 6 PM at the St. Peter church.  Come, see what will be required and then decide to stay with the Passion Play or consider it for another year. The Passion Play will take place on Palm Sunday with an afternoon and evening production.

Therese also needs people behind the scenes who would enjoy working with the costumes, managing props or helping with occasional scene changes.  The Jerusalem City Market will also be open prior to each performance offering you a chance to purchase butter lambs, Easter flowers, Palm weaving and Passion Crosses.